Ranking Every Album by The Beatles

I have written about my obsession with The Beatles. I mentioned how I have ranked every album.Well, here are the rankings with explanations:

13. Yellow Submarine

I never really think of this as an album and that is because it really isn’t. Only four new songs are featured on it. It’s All Too Much and Hey Bulldog are the best songs, while All Together Now is the weakest.

12. Please Please Me

It features some great songs like I Saw Her Standing There and the title track, along with the classic cover Twist And Shout, but most of the other covers are inessential and boring, while only a few original tunes are any good. Best songs are as mentioned, and A Taste Of Honey is the worst.

11. With The Beatles

It obviously took The Beatles some time too master their craft as songwriters. I actually think that the overall collection of originals is worse on this album than on Please Please Me, but the R&B covers make it a slightly better album. All My Loving is the best track, and Little Child is the worse.

10. Beatles For Sale

The whole album just sounds tired, and the cover reflects that. Songwriting is showing improvement from earlier albums, but the inclusion of six mostly weak covers hurts the album. The best song is Eight Days A Week and the worst is Honey Don’t.

9. A Hard Day’s Night

This is a terrific album, and it is really the line between the classics and the okay albums. All albums ranked above this are some of the greatest albums of all time. This one features great, 2-3 minute pop songs with catchy melodies. The best songs are the title track, And I Love Her, and Can’t Buy Me Love. The worst song is I’ll Be Back.

8. Let It Be

McCartney writes some great tunes, other than The Long And Winding Road, which even without the overproduction, would be too schmaltzy. Lennon’s contributions are pretty weak, as are Harrison’s, who had wanted to get All Things Must Pass and Hear Me Lord on this album, which would have improved it greatly. The best songs are Get Back and the title song, while the worst are I Me Mine and Dig It.

7. Help!

This album is the bridge from the early period to the middle era. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away and I’ve Just Seen A Face preview the folk-rock driven Rubber Soul. Yesterday was the first use of outside musicians. Ticket To Ride showcases a heavier guitar sound that would be heard on Revolver. The best songs have been mentioned, along with the title song, the worst songs are the two covers on side two, Act Naturally and Dizzy Miss Lizzy.

6. Magical Mystery Tour

Side 2 with the singles that were added on is great, even if it is not how the Fab Four planned it. Side 1 is fairly weak, save for I Am The Walrus. It’s All Too Much was written for this album and its inclusion would have made it much better. The best songs are all of Side 2 and I Am The Walrus, while Flying and Blue Jay Way are the worst, with Your Mother Should Know not too far behind.

5. Rubber Soul

One of the most important albums of all time, as it inspired Brian Wilson to write Pet Sounds, which in turn, inspired Sgt. Pepper. The songwriting, especially Lennon’s is terrific. It’s the ultimate folk-rock album and it marked the biggest jump in the Beatles evolution to that point. The best songs are Norwegian Wood and In My Life, while What Goes On is the worst.

4. The Beatles (The White Album)

It features the most good songs of any album by the Beatles, but also the most awful songs, which is the nature of double albums. Trimmed down, this could have made a an excellent follow-up to Pepper. The best songs are While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Happiness Is A Warm Gun, while Wild Honey Pie and Revolution 9 are the worst.

3. Abbey Road

The medley is probably the Beatles grandest moment, while Side 1 is mostly full of great individual songs. Even though this was The End, the magic was clearly still there. The Medley, Oh! Darling, and Harrison’s songs are the best. while Maxwell’s Silver Hammer and Octopus’s Garden are the worst.

2. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band

Without a doubt, this is the most important album in rock history. Music was never the same after the final chord. The sequencing, crossfading, and concept play as much into this album’s greatness just as much as the great songs. It was an excellent effort by the Beatles, with the best songs being A Day In The Life, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, and Sgt Pepper/With A Little Help From My Friends. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite is the worst song, though it’s still pretty good

1. Revolver

The Beatles’ greatest album. It features strong songwriting from all three writers. This albums features rockers, classical songs, pop songs, and psychedelic songs. Tomorrow Never Knows still sounds like its from 50 years in the future. This album is as good as it gets for anyone, and they did this just 3 years after their debut album. Their are no bad songs, but the best is Tomorrow Never Knows and Eleanor Rigby.



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